New England Medal Finals: Day One: Adults (41 & Over) October 23 2010, 0 Comments

Part Two: NEHC Amateur Adult Medal Finals 41 & Over

The second group of amateur adult competitors got underway yesterday afternoon at the New England Equitation Championships in Springfield, Mass., with the NEHC Amateur Adult Medal Finals competition for the riders aged 41 and over.

There were 54 qualifiers in the first round, judged by the same six-judge panel which oversaw the 23-40 year-old competition earlier in the day, and included Ken Krome, Linda Andrisani, Leo Conroy, Peter Lombardo, Ellen Raidt and Danny Robertshaw.

Fifteen riders made it back for a second trip, with the cut-off score set at 73.83. The top fiver riders in order were Amy Cooper, Lynne LaGuardia, Louisa Attenboro, Jenny Schwartz and Tina Furey.

The second round brought dramatic changes in the rankings, with many riders including Jenny Cooper aboard Granini, and Mindy Whitman aboard Writtle, performing well under pressure and scoring significantly higher on their second course. Other riders turned in disappointing trips and fell from their top five slots including Louisa Attenborough aboard Showgirl and Lynne LaGuardia on Debonair.

With little wiggle room between top riders Jenny Schwartz and Amy Cooper a final test was administered. Not as elaborate as the test in the previous class, riders were asked to canter fences 5, 4, 1 and 3, halt, sit trot to the gate and leave the ring at a walk. Both riders performed the test well.

When it was all over, Schwartz was the winner and Cooper was in second.

Top 10 results are listed below:

Rider, Horse, Total combined Score, Rounds 1 & 2

1. Jenny Schwartz, Granini, 165.83
2. Amy Cooper, Spyglass, 163.82
3. Mindy Whitman, Writtle, 157.66
4. Libby Tritschler, Bradley, 157.57
5. Karen Salon, Ludo, 156.99
6. Carolyn Lackey, Milthyme Lambrini, 153.66
7. Julie Petrini, Gambini, 150.49
8. Theresa Bowling, Lockamore Cruise, 145.49
9. Lynne LaGuardia, Debonair, 144.33
10. Louisa Attenborough, Showgirl, 143.66

This article first appeared on The Chronicle of the Horse website.