Barn Manners: Sharing Hotel Rooms June 02 2010, 0 Comments

The Mo Man doesn't have to share hotel rooms......Hmmmm.....

’Tis the season for “away” horse shows. You and your horse, on the road, at the show, footloose and fancy-free, no email, perhaps limited cell phone capability, no computers…bliss! At the end of the day, you put your horse to bed and return to the hotel room, which is …littered with sweaty horse show clothes, half-eaten food and paddock boot dirt. There’s not an inch of room on the sink counter or a clean towel to be found. Ah, roommates!

I had to share a room with my sister when we were young. I had a college roommate who let her boyfriend sleep in our room. One of the reasons I got married at 24 was so that I could pick my own roommate. I hate roommates. But roommates at horse shows are useful. Pairing up is an excellent way to cut costs, and we all know I’m in favor of that. But how to do it without ruining a friendship or losing your mind?

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