Pony tales…. April 11 2010, 0 Comments

It's the end of the pony years.

There comes a time in every young rider’s life when he or she becomes too tall to ride ponies. In January, one of my favorite horse show moms admitted to concern that her daughter would outgrow her mustang pony before show season. Concern may not be a strong enough word. She spent many a sleepless night wondering what would she do if her daughter outgrew the pony. Could she afford board on two animals? Could she bring the pony home? How would she be able to afford a new horse?

Good friend that I am, I repeatedly assured her that it would all work out. Together, we would figure something out. Our barn is full of good people and good horses, and between all of us we could come up with a solution. No worries!

A few months later, I was watching Samantha ride our Connemara pony Dara. Hmmm, look at that. Are those ankles I see swinging underneath Dara’s belly? Oh, my. Indeed they are. My second hint that something was amiss was a shopping trip to get Samantha new sneakers. I wear a size 7 ½. Samantha’s new sneakers are a size 9 ½. Continued at The Chronicle of the Horse…..