She Rides I Pay is an equestrian inspired shop offering horse show necessities and luxuries. Each product must solve a problem or offer something that really delivers. I'm partial to certain brands, just like most of us. Before I take on a line, I ask a lot of questions. I want to know why someone took the time to make this product. What makes it special? Why is it better than what else is out there? Why is it worth your and my hard-earned dollar? What items enhance our horse show experience?

If you're in this sport, you're going to spend time outside. You need to be warm, dry and comfortable and so does your horse. And, while we're at it, is it too much too ask to look good doing it?

This is a good time to be an equestrian. Technical, moisture-wicking fabrics have finally made it over from the gym to the barn. SPF factors as high as 50 are nearly de rigueur, protecting us from the sun.

Many equestrians, amateur and professional alike, have started their own businesses, making great new products. I enjoy supporting bright entrepreneurs and introducing all of you to new things that are either too cool not to have or make our life easier. Many of these products are made in the USA.

Have you met Emily Thompson from Éce Equestrian? She designs beautiful, hard-working show shirts that take a serious beating, come out of the washing machine pristinely white and are hand-cut in the garment district of NYC. These shirts are super stylish, stain resistant, 50 SPF and moisture wicking. And, Éce Equestrian does custom shirt runs for NCAA and IHSA college equestrian teams. You can design a custom Éce shirt for your barn or business. A quality product personalized to your design specifications. Score! Emily is a professional rider and trainer. She rides jumpers and divides her time between New York and Wellington. Emily can be heard on the Horse Radio Network.



Do you know Michelle Osgood of One Knot Hairnet? Well Michelle, a fellow Vermonter, has been an amateur rider most of her life. Michelle's barn is spotless. She spends hours in the
Michelle Osgood, One Knot Hairnet
summer on the tractor cutting acres of grass. One thing in Michelle's orderly world drove her nuts: the painful hairnet headache and "helmet dot" left behind by traditional hairnets after a long day spent in a helmet. Michelle is tenacious. When she presented her hairnet design to manufacturers, all she heard was "no." But she didn't give up until she got to "yes." And now, a whole generation of young riders can roll their eyes when we say, "When I was your age, we all had hairnet headaches at the end of the horse show!"


And let me bend your ear for a moment about Kat Crysostom and BeneFab. BeneFab makes ceramic infused therapeutic products for horses and people. Saddle pads, hock BeneFab Smart Scrimboots, poll pads, socks, wraps and a scrim sheet that will blow your mind. You know that look your horses gets at the end of a chiropractic treatment? Bottom lip hanging low, 100% chance of drool? Well that's what happens when your horse wears the BeneFab Smart Scrim which combines ceramic and magnetic therapies in one sheet. Kat's passionate about therapeutic fabrics because they helped her heal when she broke her neck in a 2011 riding accident that left her in a halo for three months. Stay posted, Kat has many more ideas for products that will help you and your horse. Preventative therapies, so that your horse doesn't get sore or lame in the first place.

So, as I mentioned, I'm passionate about people and brands that are doing great things to make our horse life better. I'm always looking for more. Please contact me if you have a great item to share: support@sheridesipay.com.